VIGR Chaga (4oz.) – Wild Canadian Chaga Chunks (1/4 lb.)


VIGR Lifestyles’ wild harvested Chaga mushrooms are preserved in chunks of varying sizes to be consumed in traditional tea form. Chaga tea can be made in a single cup, a crock pot, or slow cooker. There is no right or wrong way to make Chaga Mushroom tea.

At Vigr Lifestyles, we pride ourselves on sourcing the old growth Chaga that is sustainably hand-picked by experienced long-time foragers, from birch trees in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada. This Chaga comes from the wild and is not grown under controlled conditions. We take respect for the forests very seriously.

Chaga is considered to be one of the most powerful mushrooms on the planet for overall health. Chaga can be used for both preventative measure and is great to consume on a regular basis. Chaga is second only to cacao in terms of the amount of anti-oxidants.

Chaga may help with cardiovascular and metabolic health:

The compound betualin which is abundantly found in chaga is said to help lower cholesterol and balances blood sugar by increasing insulin sensitivity,

Chaga contains high amounts betulin or betulinic acid, a chemical being studied for use as a chemotherapeutic agent.

Chaga also contains the full spectrum of immune-stimulating phytochemicals, immune-boosters, and antioxidants.

Regular use of Chaga mushroom may help to:

  • Alkalize the body as chaga is naturally alkaline
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Help cleanse the liver and kidneys
  • May help eliminate metals from the body
  • Good addition to a lifestyle that prevents aging
  • May help with adrenal function and immunity

Ingredients: Chaga mushroom chunks (4 oz.)

Directions: Simmer some Chaga chunks for 2-30 minutes in 4 cups of pure spring water at 60-65 degrees celcius to make tea. For greater extraction, grind chunks in a coffee bean grinder to form a powder and make tea using a filter.

Chunks can simmer for an extended period of time depending on desired strength.

Chunk size varies from bag to bag, so feel free to experiment to find your most optimum desired strength.

Helpful tip: Save chunks in the refrigerator and reuse up to 3 times. We encourage this practice as wild Chaga is rare and nutrients can be re-extracted multiple times.

Did you know: The tea produced by Chaga mushroom contains vanillic acid giving it a sweet vanilla flavour. Chaga tea is enhanced by using your favorite spices such as cinnamon, curcumin, and vanilla among others.

This product is not intended to cure, treat, or prevent disease. Consult your health care practitioner before therapeutic use of Chaga Mushroom.

Learn more about the power of Chaga.

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