What are people saying about VIGR?

"Before trying Vigr's Elk Velvet Antler I was training in hopes of being selected to compete on American Ninja Warrior.  I had a devastating knee injury and consequent surgery after an awkward fall during my training.  It was important to me to recovery as quickly as possible, come back stronger than ever and be selected for American Ninja Warrior the following year.  I wanted to use anything and everything that was shown to promote rapid recovery and repair.  Although initially skeptical, I committed to loading up on the antler for several weeks before evaluating its effects. I recall the moment I really noticed its impact.  I was in my backyard doing an arms-only 25' rope climb.  It felt strangely effortless, and I felt like I had an endless supply of abundant energy!  I went on to recover faster than anyone could have imagined and became a competitor on American Ninja Warrior!  This is now part of my daily regimen along with either the Chaga tincture or Chaga chunks, which I grind up into my coffee.  I'm a Vigr fan for life!"

– Skip Platt


"VIGR elk antler has been a large part of my pre-workout routine for 2 years now. I pop 4 capsules an hour before I hit the gym and I feel like it really accelerates the circulation of my bloodflow in such high intensity workouts."

– Andy Hnilo, Alitura Founder

"I'm a believer in VIGR. My first months of taking VIGR Elk Velvet Antler, I noticed a huge difference - within a 12 day span I ran 63 kilometres with little to no soreness or tightness the following days. Training days were also accompanied with weight sessions and strength endurance circuits - again, with little to no stiffness. I have not been taking any other supplements, pre-workout or even protein powder, in order to give VIGR Elk Velvet Antler a true test, and it has passed. It will be a staple in my life.

I'm now on the right path to a clean, natural, wholesome and optimal lifestyle with VIGR!!"

- Kurt, Personal Trainer, Ultra-marathoner

"If you’ve ever said 'there are not enough hours in the day', then VIGR Elk Velvet Antler is for you!  The VIGR team told me it would take one-to-four weeks for it to work, but within 10 days, I was waking up earlier than normal and feeling great!  It’s a huge help when you run Canada’s #1 sports blog and are on-the-go in professional sports circles."

– Rod Pedersen, Voice of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Canada's #1 sports blogger


"I started taking VIGR Elk Velvet Antler after I tweaked the meniscus in my knee.  The middle of our short mountain biking season is not the time to get an injury, so I researched VIGR to see if it would speed up my recovery time.  Having had the same knee injury 4 years prior, I can honestly say that taking VIGR dramatically improved the healing of my injury.  As well, the parallels that VIGR Elk Velvet Antler have with Chinese Medicine to promote energy along the Kidney Meridian are principles I do believe in and treat in my Acupuncture practice."
– Garret Woynarski, RMT, D.Ac, Registered Massage Therapist, Acupuncture

"Elk velvet antler is the best pre-workout supplement I've ever tried. I tell all of my friends to get on it. They are blown away when they feel it for the first time!?                                      – Owen 


"Since taking VIGR Elk Velvet Antler every day I have noticed an awesome improvement in a lot of areas of my life. I have more energy for my busy lifestyle and VIGR helps me tackle work and a young daughter. I have also noticed that building muscle has come easier and overall I feel healthier. I don’t even remember the last time I was sick! I sleep well but don’t need as many hours to get through my day.

Elk velvet has been great for me and I would recommend it to anyone."

– Phil, Sports blogger, Voice of the Regina Pats


"Shortly after starting on VIGR Elk Velvet Antler, I’ve noticed increased energy, increased physical strength, reduced allergy symptoms and have less stress.  Also, I’m in a much more positive mood since taking VIGR. I feel great!"

– Kayla 


"I've used VIGR Elk Velvet Antler to boost my performance and recover faster from workouts."

– Lisa


"As a health care professional, I care about the well-being of others. I also make my health a top priority. I do this by nourishing my body with whole, natural foods, clean water, and supplementing my diet with products such as VIGR Elk Velvet Antler. This product has increased my energy, strength, and endurance – it keeps me going when I work a 12-hour shift!
I recommend this product for anyone looking to boost immunity, maintain a healthy weight, decrease chronic pain levels, and increase energy. Thank you VIGR for a great product!"          – Kaitlyn, BSN, RN