Join thousands of people who use VIGR Lifestyles Elk Velvet Antler every day. From athletes to executives to busy parents, many people – young and old – are feeling better than ever and getting amazing results with VIGR Lifestyles Elk Velvet Antler.

"Wow, I can already feel it!"

That’s what our customers are saying to us. And there’s good reason! Elk Velvet Antler is an adaptogen, meaning it is designed by nature to work for you individually. This powerful ancient medicine may take effect the very first time you use it, targeting areas of your body that need it most!

You want more time.

Imagine having enough energy to get you through your busiest day. Imagine not feeling the afternoon lull, feeling sluggish or depending on coffee to get you through. Elk Velvet Antler is the solution, containing phosphorus – an essential element in energy production.

Phosphorus aids your cells in energy production. Your primary energy-storage molecule, adenosine triphosphate (ATP), contains phosphorus. By increasing your phosphorus intake, you can help your body naturally regulate and sustain energy all day long. 

Feeling more energetic means having more time to do the things you love.


You want to feel better, faster and more durable.

Human durability. You might experience improved endurance, increased strength, better body composition and faster post-workout recovery as a result of taking VIGR Elk Velvet Antler. One of the biggest complaints about supplements and natural health products is that you "can't feel anything" from it. Elk Velvet Antler is not like that at all because we left the supplement design process up to the experts - NATURE - What a concept!

Many of our customers – male and female – find that VIGR Elk Velvet Antler helps them achieve physical gains, enhancing and improving their athletic performance.  Many studies point to why, in a one-week placebo-controlled trial with weight lifters, those using antler saw an increase in weight lifting ability along with improved muscle composition,  better endurance, and faster recovery time.

Russian researcher Dr. Taneyeva tested antler’s effect on physical stamina and endurance by putting test subjects on stationary bicycles, asking one group to take velvet antler and the other a placebo.  Both groups exercised for two hours, upon which their activity was measured. The study found that those who took velvet antler showed a more significant increase in total workout achieved. Additionally, Dr. Koltun, Chairman of the Medical Committee for the Russian Bodybuilding Federation, reported study findings that antler increases muscular strength (calling it myotropic – a term that means having a particular affinity for muscle).

Bad joints suck.

Move around quickly and engage in your favourite activities without pain – even if you have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or other inflammatory diseases. Many people, just like you, are using VIGR Lifestyles Elk Velvet Antler right now for joint pain and arthritis relief. Elk Velvet Antler contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, two of the most common joint supplements on the market.

When disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis progress, cartilage, joints, ligaments and tendons breakdown, resulting in decreased joint function and painful symptoms, including stiffness, heat and swelling. Studies indicate that type II collagen, found in Elk Velvet Antler, is therapeutically beneficial in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Additionally, substantial anecdotal and clinical observations attest to the benefits of the naturally-occurring collagen, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Other naturally-occurring elements in Elk Velvet Antler, such as essential fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, are vital for growth and maintenance of joints, tissues and bones and can also help to provide relief for those living with inflammatory disease.

We're so sure about our Elk Velvet Antler helping with sore joints; we'll refund your money if you get no relief.

Why choose VIGR Lifestyles Elk Velvet Antler?

We have gone to great lengths to provide you with the highest-quality Elk Velvet Antler in the world. Each bottle of VIGR Antler contains only the best, hand-selected antler from the 50,000 pounds our Western Canadian producers harvest every spring.

Our antler is a renewable resource (it grows back every year)! And, our slow drying process optimizes the nutrients, minerals, and compounds naturally found in antler.

Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

VIGR Lifestyles went into business to share the best Elk Velvet Antler with you! We didn't spend a lot of time or money telling people what to expect – instead, we let them try it and asked them to share their results with us. We were so blown away by the fantastic stories and testimonials that came flooding in. People love it! And it’s not hard to see why.

What nature ingredients are in Elk Velvet Antler?

VIGR Lifestyles Elk Velvet Antler naturally contains the following ingredients, making it an excellent supplement for general health and wellness. Click on the links to learn more about each component of antler:

  • Glycosaminoglycan to lubricate and rebuild joints;
  • Collagen, which is essential for the organs, tissue, and skin
  • Essential amino acids that are the building blocks of protein;
  • Gangliosides to enhance memory and learning;
  • Lipids to build cells and boost energy;
  • Selenium to reduce infection, protect blood cells, and elevate heart, liver, and lung health;
  • Natural calcium and phosphorus to build and maintain healthy bones and teeth;
  • Potassium to maintain healthy nerves and muscles and magnesium to restore cells and release energy;
  • Naturally occurring growth factors which enhance cartilage and cell growth;
  • Phospholipids which help to maintain the integrity of cell membrane;
  • Bone morphogenetic protein which speeds bone growth;
  • Numerous minerals, natural mood enhancers, and anti-inflammatory properties

Read the University of Saskatchewan’s Scientific Literature Review on the Health Benefits of Elk Velvet Antler

Read about Korean researchers who find stem cells in antler.

What makes VIGR Elk Velvet Antler superior?

VIGR Elk Velvet Antler is a premium product for a number of reasons.

Only Western Canadian raised animals with verified herd health history can supply antler to VIGR Lifestyles. The elk farms that harvest on behalf of VIGR ensure their animals are free-grazing, hormone and drug-free and humanely looked after. All products are traceable to the farm that they are collected from and controlled by lot stamp on the label. All products are processed and manufactured in a fully-compliant Natural Health Product (NHP) Health Canada certified lab.

Only hand-picked antlers at the optimum stage of growth go into producing VIGR Elk Velvet Antler. VIGR and its suppliers guarantee that the capsules you purchase from VIGR are 100% Elk Velvet Antler (no fillers) unless otherwise stated on the label.  VIGR also guarantees that the product is harvested sustainably to ensure that the elk produces antler every year.

VIGR Elk Velvet Antler contains more active ingredients than others on the market. Canadian antler is very highly sought after throughout the world because of the efficacy and the fact that it is grown in a climate with harsh winters.

Our best practices, including rigorous monitoring of the domestic elk population in Canada (which is not duplicated anywhere in the world), makes our product one of the safest and highest-quality natural health products available. By distributing Elk Velvet Antler harvested from Western Canadian farms, we ensure that it is safe for consumption. 


This product is a certified natural health product of Canada. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine used to reinforce kidney Yang, replenish vital essence and blood, and strengthen the tendons and bones.

Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are using androgens, estrogens, energy enhancers, hepatoxic agent, enhancing agents, and progesterone drugs. Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Contraindicated in patients with heat from yin deficiency, heat in the blood level, phlegm-heat in the lungs, blazing stomach fire, or warm febrile disease.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.