1. VIGR Lifestyles works with a Saskatchewan based member-owned new generation co-op that comprises 30 producers. New Gen Co-ops are controlled by its members, and ensure that all producers are operating by the high standards set by the New Gen Co-op Board of Directors.
  1. We have more farmers working for us than any other brand of elk velvet antler. More farmers mean more antlers, which leads to a greater abundance of premium quality elk velvet antler.
  1. Working with a New Gen Co-op Ensures that profits from operations are returned fairly and evenly among members and are created to improve production and standards.
  1. All elk velvet antler is hand selected by a 20 year producer who has had training in selecting the best antler. We produce 50,000 pounds of antler every year and we literally sift through ALL ANTLER and select the best for what is in the VIGR Lifestyles Elk Velvet Antler.
  1. Hand selecting, inspecting, and grading antler is critical to the potency and effectiveness of elk velvet antler. Harvest must be strictly timed to ensure the highest quality. If antler is not harvested at the exact correct time, quality and potency suffers. Because we have 50,000 pounds to select from, this is NEVER a problem. The customer is always getting the best elk velvet antler Western Canada has to offer.
  1. All elk velvet antler brands currently on the market are single farm operations only. They cannot guarantee high quality at high volumes. VIGR Lifestyles can.
  1. The President of VIGR Lifestyles works actively with the producers, visits farms on a regular basis, and maintains a relationship with all producers.
  1. VIGR Lifestyles pays its farmer’s fair market price for their antler to ensure that the farmers remain profitable.
  1. Cheap antler is cheap antler. If the price is low, so too will the quality be. There are no exceptions. VIGR Lifestyles never undercuts the farmers or buys low quality antler.
  1. VIGR Lifestyles is used by professional athletes in the CFL, NHL and other major professional sports. VIGR Lifestyles has brand recognition and is working hard to increase customer awareness.
  1. The minimum effective dose of Elk Velvet Antler is 800mg on average. Some people respond to 400mg capsules but the standard is 800mg.
  1. VIGR Lifestyles uses black bottles to preserve the Elk Velvet Antler. VIGR Lifestyles uses black bottles for its product to reduce the effect that light has on antler. We have found (anecdotally through testimonial) that the black bottle preserves the quality of antler capsule.
  1. VIGR Lifestyles has a combined 20 years of marketing experience among 3 individuals who started the company with their own money. VIGR Lifestyles is not a large, faceless corporation. We love and use the product daily. We have family members who raise elk and we have a great understanding as to what makes quality antler.
  1. No animals are ever hurt or killed in the process. Antler is a renewable resource and regrows each year. VIGR Lifestyles has strictly prohibited the practice of harming any elk.
  1. Our elk are well cared for and are never given hormones, steroids, or any drugs of any kind. We do not want any of those foreign substances or chemicals getting into the antler.
  1. Our farmers are continually training and proving they meet the standards and codes of the New Gen Co-op.